We’ve saved our customers more than $10,000,000 on their monthly recurring expenses… and counting!

As a Viv Consultant, you’ll be helping people save money at their home or business. Americans overpay $60 billion every year on their household bills, and you can help change that! No one pays a penny unless we find them savings, so you’ll be sharing a service that people will truly love. It’s that simple!


Learn how you can earn a great income helping people (including yourself!) save money.

We will show you a quick, simple way to save money on your monthly bills. Then, we’ll show you how to share the savings with others and build a successful business without worrying about inventory, employees, leases or any of the other expenses that get in the way of entrepreneurship.

What we’ll cover in this webinar…

  • Savings.
    Did you know that Americans are overpaying in excess of $60 billion per year on their basic household bills? It’s time to change that. Viv is an innovative company that wants to put money back in the pockets of consumers while empowering entrepreneurs like you.
  • Earnings.
    You can earn a steady income by showing other people how to save money. You won’t be peddling a product that someone doesn’t want or need; you’ll be showing them how to save on all the things they already use.
  • Tools.
    You’ll be given everything you need to get started, so all you have to do is start. From marketing materials to an experienced team of fellow entrepreneurs, you’ll be supported every step of the way.
  • Potential.
    Maybe this is just a side gig for you, and you’ll be content to earn a few extra dollars for your vacation. But your business can be whatever you make of it. With 5 ways to earn, your income potential is truly unlimited.
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If you've watched our business overview on a live or recorded webinar, you can see how Viv is a perfect business for people who like to help others. With a massive market opportunity and a powerful business model, you can build a small or significant part-time income with Viv. We look forward to welcoming you as a Viv Consultant. Click below to start saving and earning by helping others save.
3 reasons to watch today:

Reason 1

Americans are overpaying more than $60 billion per year on household bills. You can help change that, and put money back in the pockets of consumers while earning income.

Reason 2

Who doesn’t want to earn a little extra money? More people than ever have a side gig. Here’s a side gig you can be proud of, with earning potential that is virtually unlimited.

Reason 3

You can make a difference. Journey across the world to help a community in need, and always feel good knowing 1% of our profits contribute to the greater good.

Learn how to earn money when others save

See how you can start a rewarding side gig helping individuals and businesses save money on the things they use every day.

Watch these short videos to see what Viv is all about:

CEO Cami Boehme shares her vision

A simple way to save on monthly bills

Live life better with a Viv Pro membership

Giving back in Guatemala

Look how much a few of our top savers have helped their friends, families & local businesses save with Viv!

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